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We help you with all the aspects that you must take into account for your BUSINESS strategy and online marketing. From the analysis, planning phases and development of your tactics, to the set up and training of your staff.

About Us

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It has been a long journey since we started in 2002.

The company was named GAEA after the word for EARTH in Greek.
GAEAPEOPLE refers to whom we address the project, with whom we do business together and who we are helping. We are not in the technology or Internet market, we are in the world of people and in the world of business. When we started in 2002, our obsession was, and still is, to offer specific products in the real world that would create new employment opportunities, give value and help people. For this reason, we are committed to provide with training in new technologies that will help our Clients and ourselves to do things differently and more effectively.

(Laura Vaquero. CEO and Founder)

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Maria Almarnufran. C&A

Coordination & Administration

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Laura Vaquero. CEO

Chief Executive Officer

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Lluís Cortès. CDO

Chief Digital Officer

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Berta Longas. CCO

Chief Creative Officer

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Elizabeth Pedrós. COO

Chief Operating Officer

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Eduardo Pérez. CMM

Content Marketing Manager

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Eva Martínez. CMO

Chief Marketing Officer

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José Antonio Rey. CTO

Chief Technology Officer

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Christophe Martinot. CSO

Chief Strategy Officer

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Our only secret is strong teamwork, people committed and innovative with a great value proposition.


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Having GaeaPeople as your company´s partner means having a team by your side during the entire process of developing your PERSONAL or PROFESSIONAL online project. We make it VERY EASY.


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The people whom have trusted in us are our engine to continue working and our reason to be. We understand that to be able to share your words is the best and we thank you from the bottom of our heart.

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Follow us in our magazine and you will be up to date with everything you need to know about the latest digital marketing news without giving up on our coolest world.


We help you get the most out of your company's commercial department budget by defining more efficient online business and marketing strategies that give a higher value to the profitability of the business strategy.

iBusiness Excellence

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Our people is at the forefront of the market. We use all of our knowledge and experience in business and digital management to help organizations like yours to achieve their objectives, starting from its conception to its startup and going through all the necessary phases: strategic consultancy, development and training.

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    Build your digital card with our aPD support. It is the best way to synchronize all your i-Universe to make you easier how to find all that scattered information about you online.
    Define or rethink your message to create the best identity for your business with the help of our strategists, who will help you identify your industry trends and new business opportunities. Ask us about it.
    Digital situation analysis
    Analyze your image and digital strategy with respect to your competitors, in order to define the best action plans to achieve the objectives you set. Find out how with GaeaSmartData
    Create a marketing plan according to your business and the results obtained in the GaeaSmartData report. You can design the best strategy of iMarketing and Social Media to increase your positioning results (SEO / SEM / ASO). The keyword is: VISIBILITY
    Bring your customers back over and over again. A new content strategy is essential. Content will be the great difference compared to your competition.
    Research, design, write protocols, synchronize and implement configuration mechanisms for all your Social Networks.
  • iCommunities and Private Clubs
    iCommunities and Private Clubs
    Discover the power of online Communities or Clubs. Discover how our Club &7D works and thus you get an idea of ​​how you could do the same for your customers, partners and users.
    ANALYTICS AND ROI Analyze your results and rethink the strategy, if necessary, to find out where it is worth investing more resources or creating new services for your clients.

    Learn how to achieve your maximum potential, to get the most out of your resources and know how not to miss the magnificent opportunities offered on the Internet. Find out about all the training options you have in GaeaLearning.

iMarketing Strategy

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Complete your universe on the Internet

We do not have a Marketing department. We do not need it. Mckinsey does not have a consulting department, nor does Microsoft have a software one. Marketing is the main business of GAEAPEOPLE. Thanks to our knowledge of the digital world we will help you complete your Marketing strategy.

All your digital world well connected to each other.

Webs, social media, apps, video channels, communities, wikis, iCommerce, podcasts, iMagazines, ...

iTechnology Design

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We develop solutions with cutting-edge technology tailored to your projects and for all types of mobile applications aimed for marketing actions.
And now our new bet is Augmented Reality (AR). Increasingly demanded, it is estimated that by 2020 it will be a business that will represent approximately 120,000 million dollars worldwide.


Augmented Reality (AR) is more than just Virtual Reality (VR) because it gives us the possibility to be present and to communicate plus, simultaneously, to enjoy other things visually. It will be the next revolution, just as the smartphone was.

Tim Cook. Apple Executive Dir

iContent Creation

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We have always created content for our clients in order to achieve the best possible online positioning. When you have a good strategy of iContent you get to attract and retain new customers with a lower acquisition cost


We also create training content to prepare people within your company, or to offer it to your customers or simply for your personal growth.
Contact us and tell us a bit more of yourself and your project.


GaeaLearning makes it easier for people and companies to get things done in an increasingly competitive world. Personal coaching and management training, as well as marketing and digital skills are the key to adding differential value to any professional activity you do. In GaeaLearning we believe on flexibility. We are able to adapt to your training needs as much as possible. You choose when, how and where do you want to receive the training.

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We analyze your presence on the Internet with the most complete report you can imagine.
You will get relevant data on how your brand develops online and how your competition does it as well. Thanks to our analysis you will discover the improvements that will allow you to reach your goals.

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We have more than 20 years of experience in the health sector, supporting the pharmaceutical industry, research groups, medical societies, institutions, clinics ...
SALUDENLARED.COM is our online portal where we compile by categories, the best information about online medicine.

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Are you responsible for a Club? Do you manage an association, a company, a recreation center? A group of art lovers? A community? We have the most attractive tool to give you the support you need for your online COMMUNITY. In addition, we can help you create the iContent for its implementation.

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